Investing in our schools and college

Every child in our town should have the chance to succeed in life.

And that starts with access to a good school place, no matter their background or where they live.

We want every parent to be confident that their children are getting the best start in life, one that will allow them to fulfil their potential and put them on a path to a brighter future.

Increasing education funding

We’re increasing school funding by £14 billion, with those areas historically underfunded receiving the greatest increase.

Each secondary school pupil will receive a minimum of £5,000 next year, and each primary school pupil will receive £4,000 by 2021-22 meaning that every child has the resources they need for a good education. This equates to a 4.88% increase in per pupil funding on last year.

There is also a funding boost of £400 million in education for 16-19-year olds, which Harlow College will benefit from, to give our young people the skills they need for well-paid jobs in the modern economy.

‍Upgrading our school and college buildings

As part of our programme to level up, seven of our school buildings are being upgraded. This Government investment will help to expand classrooms, upgrade facilities and improve the education of our children.

This money comes on top of the increased per pupil funding and those schools who have already seen major upgrades. 

Harlow College has seen huge Government investment in it's buildings in recent years - most impressively the £12m Advanced Manufacturing Centre. The College will now benefit from an extra £1.5m to remodel it's campus to improve our young people's education even further. 

Supporting teachers

We know that teaching is a high-value and prestigious profession. That’s why we’re raising teachers’ salaries and benefits.

In the biggest reform to teacher pay in a generation, salaries for new teachers will be increased to £30,000 by 2022-23 and we’re funding increased contributions into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme so that school leaders can focus as much of their resources as possible on the front line.

By doing this we can attract the best teachers into the profession and make sure that our children have access to the best teaching all around the country.

We will create more great schools

We will continue to do everything we can to ensure every school is a great school. We will continue to support innovation, like our successful maths schools, set up for the most gifted young physicists and mathematicians.

We will expand ‘alternative provision’ schools for those who have been excluded. We will also deliver more school places for children with complex Special Educational Needs - including a brand new specialist school in Harlow. 

We will continue to ensure that parents can choose the schools that best suit their children and best prepare them for the future. 

We will invest in arts, music and sport

Over the last nine years we have made real improvements in maths, English and science, and given more children access to a rich academic curriculum.

We retain our commitment to the core subjects and also want young people to learn creative skills and widen their horizons, so we will offer an ‘arts premium’ to secondary schools to fund enriching activities for all pupils.

And to ensure children are getting an active start to life, we will invest in primary school PE teaching and ensure that it is being properly delivered. We want to do more to help schools make good use of their sports facilities and to promote physical literacy and competitive sport.

The best way to level up and to expand opportunity is to give every child in Harlow a superb education


Dear Editor: This Government is investing in Harlow like no other

Dear Editor, 

THE last six months have been unprecedented for our community and so many residents and businesses have faced unimaginable hardship. But, these difficulties have been made so much easier by the incredible support and investment from the Government into Harlow.