Strengthening our NHS

We’re supporting our NHS in Harlow to give people the care they need now and making sure it’s there for our children and grandchildren.

The Conservatives have been running our NHS for 44 of its 71 years, and fundamentally believe it’s there for everyone in the country to rely on free at the point of use.

By keeping our economy strong, we’ve been able to support our NHS since 2010. In December's election, we promised that the NHS would be our biggest priority. 

That’s why we got Brexit done and we're now delivering on that promise with the NHS' its biggest ever cash boost, a brand new Harlow hospital, more nurses, more doctors and more GP appointments. 

A brand new Harlow hospital

Following a relentless campaign from the Harlow Conservatives - spearheaded by Robert Halfon MP - the Prime Minister has announced that Harlow will have a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital. In a recent speech, Boris Johnson also promised to "fast-track" the development of our new hospital so that we can yield the benefits it will bring even sooner. 

The work on the new hospital is well underway and the current timeline says that the hospital will be delivered by 2024. ‍

£33.9 billion more for the NHS

We’re making sure the NHS has the resources it needs so that it can provide everyone with the best possible care.

The NHS budget will go up by £33.9 billion by 2023-24. That’s the biggest cash boost in its history.

And we’re making sure that money is already getting to the frontline with £6.2 billion more this year. That includes £400,000 to support A&E services this winter. ‍

Making sure our NHS has the staff it needs

Under the Conservatives, the Princess Alexandra has seen 93 more doctors and 272 more nurses working at our hospital. In the last year alone, 38 more doctors and 165 more nurses have started working at PAH. 

Our NHS staff – nurses, midwives and cleaners – are getting a well-deserved pay rise of at least 6.5% per cent and doctors will also see their pay increase.

Investing in the people at the heart of our NHS

Student nurses will now receive a £5,000-£8,000 annual maintenance grant every year during their course to help with their cost of living – and they won’t have to pay it back.

Everyone will receive at least £5,000 with further funding in regions or disciplines that are struggling to recruit - such as mental health – and help with their childcare costs.

We will improve staff morale with more funding for professional training and more supportive hospital management.

Robert Halfon MP has also led the charge for an expansion in Nursing Degree Apprenticeships and the Government has announced just that - meaning even more Harlow residents can join our NHS workforce. 

Harlow will also benefit from the Government's plan for 6,000 more doctors in general practice and 6,000 more primary care professionals, such as physiotherapists and pharmacists. This is on top of the 7,500 extra nurse associates and 20,000 primary care professionals that they have already announced.

Thousands more GP surgery appointments

The extra £33.9bn funding will deliver 50 million extra general practice appointments a year, an increase of over 15 per cent, across the country. That means that if you need an appointment, waiting times will be shorter and you’ll get the service you deserve.

The Conservatives are the party of the NHS


Dear Editor: This Government is investing in Harlow like no other

Dear Editor, 

THE last six months have been unprecedented for our community and so many residents and businesses have faced unimaginable hardship. But, these difficulties have been made so much easier by the incredible support and investment from the Government into Harlow.